Wendy Louise Nog, MSTM Founder
Wendy Louise Nog, MSTM Founder


Welcome to our Resources Page!  With so many options it is hard to know which tools are reliable.  Here is a page containing many of our favorites.  If you are needing help choosing, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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Website Builders

The Four Minute Website

Sometimes you just need to get something up quickly.  However, you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your quick website now has limitations that prevent you from growing your online brand.  Davis Porter has written a comprehensive short guide for selecting a quick website builder that can grow with you.  If you need to go this route, when you are ready we can help you take your quick site to the next level.

Which One Is Best?

Your budget and business will determine which tool is best for you.  Read this comprehensive review of the top website builder tools for 2017 by Robert Mening.

Sales Funnel Tools

Newsletter & E-mail Management


Business Strategy Tools

Black Box Design Messaging Tool

The Black Box Design Messging Tools helps you refine your message down to just the basics.  View Tool. 

Communication Tools

joinMe.com $20/month.  Allows multiple attendees to view and manipulate the desktop of a computer.  Great for giving presentations or reviewing graphics.

Xoom.com A widely used Webinar tool that allows multiple attendees.

Graphics Tools

Favicon Generator FREE.  Creates a favicon for the browser tab when users are on your site.

Canva – Make modern graphics easily for your blog


Deposit Photos

iStock Photo

Useful Information

How Much Should I spend On Social Media?  This of course depends upon your goals, but here is an article from 2014 that nicely describes what to analyze, and some price ranges and expectations for cost.  Read The Article.

Website Owner Tools

Visitor Stats Tools

Google Analytics FREE. Provides code to put on your site that allows you to track visitor information

SEO-Ready Tools

**Google Keyword Finding Tool
Google Webmaster Tools List
Is My Site Indexed?
WordPress Site Index Plugin
Rich Snippets

In-Bound Links Analysis & tools

Open site Explorer FREE. Tells you how many sites are linked to any address

SEO Ongoing Management

SEO Moz $99/month. A tool that helps you track ongoing popularity of key words

Ten great SEO & Analytics Tools

Note:  This is an ever changing list.  Have one to add?  Let me know!  [email protected]

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