WordPress Starter pack — $800

Site + Social + SEO + Analytics

Colorlabs Theme

Starter Pack Overview

1. Domain Registration & Site Hosting

  • Pair.com website hosting and domain name registration ($10/month)
  • Domain Registration through Pair.com

2. Tools Set-up

  • Gmail account
  • Google Adwords account
  • Google Webmaster tools account
  • Google Analytics
  • Google+ page
  • Constant Contact account
  • Website Owners Manual

3. Install WordPress Theme (design)


4. Website Pages created*:

Home | Portfolio | Services | About | Contact

Partners | Tools | Admin (private)

*content to be provided by client

5. Website Content installation*

  • Logo
  • Site Title
  • Site Description
  • Site Keywords
  • Pinterest image
  • Facebook Image

*content to be provided by client

Deliverables Summary

  • Website Owner Manual
  • Domain Name
  • WordPress Website + content
  • Traffic & SEO monitoring tools
  • Constant Contact account
  • Social Media Map
  • 1 hour of training
Wendy Louise Nog

Wendy Louise Nog

The best part of my job is sitting down and talking with my clients about their business. I created this package with the small business owner in mind. You need something affordable, yet loaded with tools to help you manage your online presence. You need a tool that you can manage on your own, and that will grow with your business.  I have worked with many clients who have little or no experience with websites, so I always keep it simple. The first step is to give me a call!


About The WordPress Package

Because I have found WordPress to be such a powerful tool for small business owners I will continue to offer WordPress services for new sites. I am offering a WordPress Plus package that includes social media set-up and analytics. This is a great package to get you started, with the flexibility and tools you will need in the future as your business grows. My WordPress starter pack is $800. I am offering a monthly payment plan as well.  This price does not include the cost of your domain name ($20), website hosting ($10/month), and theme ($0-$70), or Constant Contact ($20/month).

Common WordPress Questions

What is WordPress?

According to Wikipedia, WordPress now is used by 22% of all new websites.  WordPress is the name of a tool that acts like “glue” to hold together a database, a design template (theme), and a stylesheet (colors and spacing). Because the content is stored in a database, you can change the text and photos on your website without doing any programming.  It works very similar to sending an e-mail.   This empowers you, the site owner, to manage your site. You do not need to rely on a programmer to make minor or even major changes to your content. For more on WordPress, see Wikipedia.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme is a design, layout, and a stylesheet to control the colors that can be applied to your database of text and photos. There are thousands of themes to choose from. Some are free, some cost between $20-$70.  Each theme designer uses the features available slightly different.

What WordPress themes can I choose from?

There are thousands of themes to choose from, but not all are of the same quality, and some are awkward to work with. For that reason I have selected three high quality theme collections for you to choose from plus the top rated theme on Theme Forest.

Collection 1:  ColorLabsProject.com premium WordPress themes

Collection 2:  ThemeDutch - high end modern designs

Collection 3:  Graph Paper Press – high-end portfolio designs


Single Theme:Avada – rated five stars on ThemeForest

How long does it take to launch a WordPress site?

The Future Bright WordPress Starter Pack should be completed within 4-6 weeks. I have found, however, that small business owners and individuals have much on their plate, and often need to put their website on the backburner to address unexpected events.  For this reason, it is wise to assume that it may take 8 weeks.  If it takes less, then wonderful!

How do I update my WordPress site once it is launched?

I will provide you with one hour of training.  By the time we finish launching your site, you should feel knowledgeable about how it all works.  You will get a log-in and password for your site, and a walk through the WordPress dashboard.  If you can fill out an e-mail form, you can update your website!