What Every Website Needs

What every website needs

Every website is as unique as the company it represents.  There are, however, certain features that need to be in place in order to take full advantage of your online presence.  Below I have outlined a list of must-haves and best practices for your website and web presence.  Your needs are unique, but all sites should have these implemented at a minimum.  This list is current as of Summer 2015.

Home Page Content

  • Logo
  • Tag Line/Mission Statement
  • Clear description of services
  • Relevant Photos
  • Contact Info
  • Phone # that is clickable
  • E-mail Address that is clickable
  • Testimonial(s)
  • Rotating Home Page Content
  • Social Media Links (see below)
  • License #, Memberships, affiliations (if relevant)
  • Copyright

Call To Actions – Home Page

  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Main Product purchase link/sign up
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Share
  • Pinterest Share if relevant


  • Relevant page titles (Important for SEO)
  • Well-written content with relevant keywords and key phrases throughout
  • Images with relevant file name titles and descriptions


If you rely heavily on traffic through Google searches done on mobile phones, you may need to make your website mobile friendly.

Techie Stuff

  • Favicons and icons – multiple sizes: read here >
  • “Open Graph” thumbnail code
  • Image for thumbnail
  • Meta Tags For SEO
  • Mobile ready “responsive” or at least accessible (no Flash)
  • Site Map Submitted to Google
  • Indexed with Google – verification
  • Facebook Debugger
  • User name NOT “admin”

Webmaster Tools

  • Weekly back-up
  • Google Drive – for back-ups & doc storage
  • Google Authorship – so your photo appears in search engines (read this)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tool account
  • Google Keyword Tool account

Social Media Must-Haves

  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Business AND personal
  • Google+ page and registration of address
  • Yelp Listing for your business
  • Pinterest Page or instagram account (if relevant)
  • YouTube (if relevant)

The Future Bright So-Cast Model

To save time and efficiency, your Social Media Broadcast (So-Cast) should be automated in the following way:  when you add new content to your site, you should be able to post that content to Facebook and LinkedIn plus other social media sites with one click.  Additionally, your newsletter should be set up to link to your website so that you can easily select articles from your website for your newsletter.