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SEO Defined

Adwords – paying Google to bump you higher for key words that you choose.  Keywords have different prices.  When you stop paying, you go back to where you are organically.

Organic SEO – The “O” means “Optimization” which is an active function, meaning manually going in to your website and modifying text and architecture in a way that is search engine friendly, and then continuously monitoring your visitor stats and modifying your site content as needed to methodically improve your scores.  This improves visibility not just for a few key words but for your entire site.

Actual 3-Year Data
SEO Data

An SEO Case Study

This chart shows data for a contractor client of ours that launched a new site two years ago.  They received a lot of traffic shortly after launch, but they didn’t touch the site for two years.  The site just sat there.  Over those two years, as the graph shows, there was a steady decline in traffic, and the incoming calls from the website dropped substantially.  By analyzing their user data and reworking their site, we were able to get their traffic back up to higher than their highest point after launch within a couple of months!  We love to see our client’s data improve!  That is because visitors equals clients, and clients equals income.  That is our ultimate goal.


Dave West | Urban Garden | Holly Hill Hummingbird Farm

Wendy and her whole team at Future Bright are wonderful!  We’ve been using Future Bright since 2012 and would never think of changing!  Wendy or one of her staff are always quick to assist us with with our questions and concerns.  In our one-on-one meetings with Wendy, we’ve always been amazed at her numerous great tips she has for our webpage, admin rules and email names.  Before we worked with Wendy our business was not taken seriously.  After working with Wendy, we’ve gone on to form partnerships with the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Walmart, Volkswagon, GoPro…  What a difference a great webpage can make!  Thanks again Future Bright for helping us change the world!

Your Fully Loaded Website

Shelley Golden | A Style Experience

Shelley Golden | Personal and Corporate Style Consultant | A Style Experience

From Beautiful To “Beautiful With A Powerful System”

Future Bright is a boutique website development company serving Marin County, Sonoma County, the San Francisco Bay Area, the USA and the world.  We build websites with a wide range of features including SEO, eCommerce, Sales Funnels, Opt-Ins, directories and more!  We bring beautiful design together with technical expertise to build websites that launch our clients forward.

We provide expert SEO services, Social Media Management, Newsletter Mailing, and more.  Whether you have a sales goal of $100,000 or  $one million, we have a team to support you!  We have a strategic and analytical approach to each project, and we examine a company’s business processes to determine how their online presence can be integrated into their sales funnel.

Our clients can do anything with the sites that we build for them.  We build powerful systems that also happen to be very beautiful.  Our website development services integrate client engagement, sales, relationship management and common-sense SEO led data architecture into everything that we build.

“Give your audience what they need to make an informed decision.”  That is our goal.  We combine user experience with design and function to move your users through to a sale or engagement.  We also are data geeks, so we take a benchmark at the start of the project of visitors, sales, and other data, and monitor that data monthly.

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Average Budgets For Future Bright Projects


A few of the amazing Designers that we work with!

v.k. design | Mill Valley

Specializing in retro design with ultra-modern style.

Wendy Nog | Sausalito

Minimalist Design for Complex Sites

Gilman Design | Corte Madera

Conservative gorgeous corporate design.

Harcourt Design | Marin

High energy design with precision.

Knockout Design | SF

Gorgeous minimalist Squarespace designs.

Megan Pettley | SF

Fresh on the scene, modern & experimental.

If you believe you are right, you must go ahead and see if you are.


Fall in love, fall out of love, find the one.

Anastasia Frank | Certified Relationship Coach |

Overall I would say this website [you] built got my whole coaching practice launched.  I earned more from coaching last year than I was making at my day job and now have quit to do this full time so life is very good and I feel very very grateful for the shape life is taking. You were instrumental in being part of making that possible so thank you so much for that!

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